6 Of Our Favourite Locations To Film In Bristol

6 Of Our Favourite Locations To Film In Bristol

Bristol, a city famed for its depth of character and rich artistic charm, has long captured the imagination of filmmakers.

Beloved for its eclectic blend of greenery, gothicism and contemporary culture, the winding streets and energetic aesthetic mean that you’re never far from the perfect shot. From brand films and television commercials to charity films, animation and dramas, it’s no wonder that Bristol has set the scene for countless creative productions.

That said, with so much choice, knowing where to start can be a challenge. But, fear not; whether you’re an aspiring filmmaker, creative director or business owner scouting for their next production, we’re here to help.

Here are a handful of our favourite locations to film in beautiful Bristol.

The Old City: Cobblestones and Character

Nestled on the northern bank of the Avon, Bristol’s Old City exists as a labyrinth of cobblestone streets and local community. The vibrant hum of pubs, bars, theatres and music fills the air as local vendors trade late into the night. Flanked by historic buildings and largely pedestrianised, it takes no stretch of the imagination to transport oneself to another era.

This area is a treasure trove for productions aiming to recreate period settings or for brands looking to imbue their campaigns with a retro or heritage aesthetic. St. Nicholas Market and King Street, in particular, are favoured for their authentic Georgian and Victorian architecture, serving as ideal backdrops for historical films, period dramas, and vintage-themed photo shoots.

Of course, the bustling nature of the old city is both a blessing and a curse. For large scale, high budget shoots, obtaining the proper permissions is essential. For smaller crews the challenge lies in balancing the authenticity of the setting with the practicalities of modern production.

Ashton Court Estate: Natural Beauty and Grandeur

Tucked away to the west of the city centre, Ashton Court Estate offers a versatile backdrop for a wide range of productions. Luscious greenery and rolling hills frame a grand manor house and stables, both of which maintain grade 1 listed status.

From epic historical dramas to grand-scale commercials, an array of productions can find their footing here, amidst the estate’s blend of natural landscapes and architectural elegance. The estate is particularly suited for scenes requiring a sense of majesty or timeless beauty, from romantic period pieces to ambitious brand films showcasing luxury and sophistication. Filmmakers benefit from the estate’s openness to large-scale productions, with ample space for crew and equipment, though navigating the permissions process is crucial to ensure a respectful and successful shoot.

The Harbourside: A Scenic Setting for Film and Commercial Shoots

For brands and creatives looking for a location with energy and contemporary character, Bristol’s Harbourside is ideal, serving as a dynamic canvas that reflects the city’s blend of history and modernity. Waterfront walkways and lively cultural scenes make it a great spot for those looking to inject vibrancy and realism into their projects.

Brand films, documentaries, dramas and commercials all find a welcoming setting here, where the energy of the city is palpable. As day turns to night, the Harbourside’s ability to morph from an energetic morning locale to a bustling evening scene offers creative flexibility, while its logistical accessibility supports a smooth production experience for crews of all sizes.

Just a short walk along the riverside is the Underfall Yard, a historic boatyard and visitor centre sat on the locally infamous Spike Island. Coincidentally, this is also the location of our main office and production studio. If you’re in the area or shooting nearby, feel free to pop into the office for a cup of tea or an edit!

Stokes Croft: Bristol’s Cultural and Artistic Hub

Ask any Bristol-based creative, and they’ll tell tales of midnight mischief and artistic endeavours on Stokes Croft. The cultural quarter, with its riot of street art, independent boutiques, and bohemian vibe, is the heartbeat of Bristol’s creative scene.

Aside from a thumping nightlife and array of local businesses, Stokes Croft is a goldmine for productions aiming to capture the essence of contemporary life. Its vibrant streets provide a gritty, authentic backdrop for stories of youth culture, social movements, or any narrative seeking an alternative edge. Filming in Stokes Croft offers an opportunity to engage with the local community, capturing the area’s unique energy while navigating the challenges of shooting in a bustling urban environment.

Clifton Suspension Bridge: An Iconic Backdrop

No discussion of Bristol would be complete without noting the skyline’s crown jewel, the Clifton Suspension Bridge. Draped across the Avon Gorge, this architectural feat truly is a filmmaker’s dream. Its industrial presence and panoramic views offer a dramatic setting that can elevate any production, be it a sweeping historical drama or a visually striking commercial.

The bridge’s iconic status makes it a compelling choice for stories that require an instantly recognisable yet profoundly impactful backdrop. It serves not only as a breathtaking visual but also as a narrative anchor, firmly rooting any production with the spirit of Bristol.

Leigh Woods: Seclusion And Greenery

North of Ashton Court Estate, Leigh Woods’ tranquil woodlands and verdant vistas serves as a welcome escape from Bristol’s urban areas, presenting a perfect setting for filmmakers and photographers seeking solace or natural tranquillity. With thick canopies of native flora and winding footpaths, the woods have been a favoured location for productions seeking to capture the essence of untamed wilderness or to create a tranquil, contemplative space away from the bustle of city life.

It goes without saying that filming in any natural setting demands a respectful approach to its ecology, ensuring that the beauty and integrity of the woodland are preserved. Productions are encouraged to work with local environmental groups and authorities to minimise their impact, maintaining the woods as a pristine environment for both the local wildlife and future filming.

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