A Call to Men | UK event

A Call to Men | UK event

'Making Respectful Men', Call To Men event, in association with Bristol Zero tolerance.

A Call To Men UK is a not-for-profit organisation that promotes respect and prevents violence against women and girls. In their own words, they aim to do this by:

“… having real, positive impact on boys and men in promoting a healthier, happier, more complex concept of “being a man” than is often offered to them as a model.”

“… providing men and boys with the tools, practical methods and strategies to connect and address these issues.”

“… liberating men and boys to play a primary role in the solution to end violence and discrimination against women and girls, thereby creating an equal and just society for all.”

We attended this event to aid the research and development stage of our latest collaboration with Social Film Drama, a film titled Last Date that explores unhealthy relationships and domestic abuse in young people. This film is a sequel to Leaving which was our first exploration into the domestic abuse sector and challenges the question “why don’t victims just leave?”  This time we’re taking a preventative approach by exploring the question “why does abuse start?”

This question is key to preventing and understanding perpetrators of domestic abuse and is one of the key topics A Call To Men discuss in their programs. During the event, they were joined by several guest speakers who shared their expertise in the domestic abuse and gender-based violence industries, including:

Dr Finn Mackay, University Lecturer, Author and Activist.

Anthony Wills, Former Chief Superintendent of the Metropolitan Police and Chief Executive of Standing Together Against Domestic Violence.

Nawaaz and Inaz Hussain, brothers and representatives of Integrate UK.

Shaddai Tembo and Jay Ramsey, from Bristol Men in Early Years Network.

Stephen Barry, Principal Clinician and Service Manager of Be Safe Bristol.

Luke Harney, Mentor and Development Officer for Journeyman UK.

Each of these speakers shared valuable insights into their respective fields, demonstrating the breadth of services available to guide and support young people. By reaching out to young men and giving them resources to understand their identity as a man, and in return understanding and supporting the role of women, it is believed that domestic and sexual violence can and will be prevented.

The event was thought-provoking and encouraged all the attendees to consider what they can do personally, and professionally through their work or organisation, to play their part in preventing domestic violence. It was a fantastic research tool and has further inspired us to make the most of the opportunity we have as filmmakers to spread awareness, support people affected by these issues and inspire change.

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