Cracking Eggsamples of Easter Ads

With Easter on the horizon, we thought we’d share some our favourite ads that celebrate this time of year. Prepare for supersize chickens, cute kids, glamorous eggs, home hacks and surprisingly, a crocodile...

1. Asda, Giant Hen.

This ad has all the tropes of a superhero movie but has has something that no Hollywood blockbuster has ever featured; a giant, chocolate chicken.

2. Aldi, I like this Bunny.

In just 20 seconds, this TV ad conveys its marketing message in an adorable way that leaves you with a smile on your face.

3. M&S, Exclusive Easter Collection.

A slick, glamorous ad that is so typically M&S. With so much attention to detail, we can almost taste the luxurious, chocolatey treats.


4. Tesco, 14 Home Helps.

This family-friendly film demonstrates fun, low-cost activities that encourage imaginative play and creative learning.

5. Halfords, Easter Getaway.

This is far from your typical Easter ad and that’s why we like it. Plus, it's relatable to anyone who's ever tried to get their kids out of the house on time…

We couldn’t possibly talk about Easter without introducing our own feathered friend, Charlie the chick and his 3D egg! We worked with 1000heads agency and animatronics legend John Nolan to create this viral film for Adobe, which tells the story of Charlie the chick and his eggciting adventures using Adobe software and a 3D printer.

Isn’t he the cutest robo-chick you’ve ever seen?!