Embracing AI in video production

Embracing AI in video production

In an increasingly artificial world, why human creativity matters to us

Whilst video production has always been a marriage of creativity and technology, it is also fundamentally about collaboration between people.

At Omni we know that relationships are integral to the process of film and how we communicate throughout production often reflects our collective efforts on screen. As they say ‘Success has many fathers’ and this we are acutely aware of when we’ve all delivered hard work that everyone across all departments are proud of.

However, as much as we understand the nature of being able to look someone in the eye and lend an ear for reassurance when venturing on a film project, we are also presented with the inescapable emergence of AI.

Understandably it’s hard not to be impressed by systems such as Chat GBT and Midjourney where often the end result is incredibly impressive and seductive but in every pixel of a finely polished frame there’s arguably an absence of soul, of human endeavour, of team effort – of the ‘story behind the story’.

Client and video producer on a video set looking at monitor

We want to reassure those working with Omni that we are very much in the business of people, and are also realistic about how AI is to be embraced. The increasing integration of Artificial Intelligence in our workflow exemplifies this synergy, yet as we welcome this exciting era of technological advances, we remain deeply committed to the creative human endeavour that connects us all.

The incorporation of AI offers us a world of new possibilities. It’s a paradigm shifting, space-aged supercharger for video production efficiencies, helping us sift through mounds of data, predict future trends and tackle the repetitive tasks that we all wish a computer could do and now can do.

Camera crew looking at a video camera on set of a film production

Ultimately all this means that our team can pour more energy and time into the essence of what we do well, being there for the people that rely on us to craft compelling, engaging, emotive narratives that good old fashioned humans can participate in and enjoy on screen.

For us, AI is the impressive screen stealing supporting actor but certainly not the star of the show – the stars in our eyes will always be the crews and clients we work with; their professionalism, trust, talent and creative instinct. That’s why we don’t need prompts to listen, to connect, to say and do the right thing and to respond as a business to your human stories.

As the future fuels us, we see every challenge as an opportunity to create, to innovate and to learn in a rapidly evolving industry. Here, we will stand confident and assured in our abilities, eager to learn and help guide you through this fascinating AI journey.

Humans sitting in a chair having her make up done as part of a video production

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