Film Festivals In Bristol

Film Festivals In Bristol

From Oscar-winning animations to cutting edge documentary making, Bristol has certainly made its mark on the world of cinema.

Today, the city paves the way for the next generation of filmmakers and cinephiles, playing host to a diverse array of festivals designed to showcase exciting stories and bold talent from across the globe.

These festivals, ranging from showcases of radical thinking to celebrations of independent and avante-garde filmmaking serve as platforms for dialogue, innovation, and entertainment, drawing audiences from across the globe.

Here, we’ll explore a handful of our favourite film festivals in Bristol and their wonderfully unique offerings.

Encounters Film Festival

Next on our list is the fantastically forward thinking Encounters Festival. Established as a meeting ground for new and established talent, this serves as the UK’s leading short film, animation, and virtual reality festival.

The purpose of Encounters is multi-faceted, aiming not only to entertain but also to inspire and educate its audience and participants. By offering workshops, Q&A sessions, and networking opportunities, the festival fosters a community of creative exchange and learning. The style of cinema on show is wide-ranging, encompassing everything from cutting-edge animations to compelling short dramas, documentaries, and experimental works.

Scheduled to captivate audiences once again in September 2024, Encounters promises to maintain its tradition of excellence, curating an eclectic mix of films that push boundaries and ignite conversations.

Bristol Film Festival

First on our list is Bristol Film Festival. Founded by director Owen Franklin in 2015, the event exists as a celebration of the city’s cinematic roots, designed to showcase a diverse range of cinema across a variety of historic venues. From classic retrospectives and cult favourites to genre-bending works of contemporary genius, the BFF has earned a reputation for its eclectic curation.

Taking place year round, the festival is well loved for its incorporation of unique immersive elements. From wine tasting and tours to live performances, there is no shortage of originality and excitement. Upcoming screenings include Eyes Wide Shut at the Everyman, Rocky at Clifton Observatory and Amelie at Averys Wine Cellars. Of course, the festival’s purpose extends beyond entertainment; it is a communal space, within which film enthusiasts and filmmakers can converge and share their passion for cinema.

Bristol Independent Film Festival

For fans of arthouse, experimentation and bold new ideas, Bristol Independent Film Festival stands as a testament to the city’s dynamic creative scene. Established in 2017 by a group of filmmakers and enthusiasts, the event strives to champion independent voices and unite those with a passion for a diverse range of cinematic styles. In the seven years since it began, the BIFF has established itself as a platform for voices around the world, accepting submissions from more than 160 countries and nurturing an inclusive environment for creative expression.

Taking place on the 14-15th December 2024, the Bristol Independent Film Festival exists as a space for creatives, cinephiles, professionals and enthusiasts to unite over a love for unique stories, celebrating the work of rising stars from around the world. Award categories include:

  • Best Feature Film
  • Best Short Film
  • Best Feature Documentary
  • Best Animated
  • Best Experimental
  • Best LGBTQ+

Bristol Radical Film Festival

When it comes to pushing boundaries with big ideas, cinema has long stood as the medium of choice. The Bristol Radical Film Festival is a beacon for social change, using cinema as a tool to inspire and provoke thought.

Founded in 2012 with the intention of exploring and questioning societal norms, the festival curates a selection of films that challenge the status quo. Situated in community spaces around Bristol, it fosters an environment of discussion and debate. The festival’s purpose is clear: to offer a space where cinema acts as a catalyst for critical dialogue and social action. Showcasing films that range from grassroots activism to global movements, the 2024 festival is set to continue its mission of bringing radical ideas to the forefront through the power of film.

Forbidden Worlds Film Festival

From faraway lands and forgotten kingdoms to dystopian reflections of our own existences, good cinema has the power to transport the viewer. Forbidden Worlds Film Festival celebrates exactly that, delving into fantastical realms and celebrating genres often relegated to the fringes. Despite its recent inception in 2022, Forbidden World’s Film Festival is the first of its kind in Bristol. Its mission is simple; to showcase speculative fiction, horror, fantasy and sci-fi films from around the world, creating a sanctuary for genre enthusiasts.

Located in atmospheric venues across Bristol, the festival creates an immersive experience for its attendees. The selection of films often includes both indie gems and cult classics, offering a diverse cinematic journey. Taking place from the 16-19th May, the 2024 festival is eagerly awaited, promising another year of extraordinary tales and unforgettable experiences.

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