Film friendly CVs | Six tips for Runners and trainees

Film friendly CVs | Six tips for Runners and trainees

Film and TV production is one of the most sought after industries to work in

The first step on the ladder is to work as a Runner, unless you have some technical experience or training then you might get the opportunity to be a Trainee in the camera, sound, costume or makeup department.

We receive CVs from Runners and other freelance crew on a daily basis, so we’re used to reading through them and picking out the best ones for future reference. With such a high demand in the industry, a Runner’s CV needs to be near-perfect if they are to stand a chance at getting work.

Here are six tips for making the most of your CV.

1. Keep it short – A Runner’s CV should fit on one page, which makes it easy for a busy employer to read.

2. Only include relevant information – Your name, contact details, job title, brief opening statement (which includes whether or not you drive and have a car), employment history, any relevant experience/skills/training and education is all you need.

3. Be concise – You need to ensure everything is written concisely and gets to the point quickly. Rather than writing a detailed paragraph, it’s much better to write your employment history like this:
Job Role – Production Name – Production Company – Dates

4. Make the most of your transferable skills – If you don’t have much or any experience in the industry yet, then you should draw on your experience in other industries. Think about the skills a Runner should have and how you can demonstrate you have them.

5. Keep your formatting simple – Everything about your CV needs to be clear and easy to read, which includes the formatting and how it looks on the page.

6. Double check your spelling and grammar – This is essential. Your CV is your first chance to make a good impression and you can’t afford any mistakes.

By doing these things, you’re making your CV (and yourself) more attractive to the employer and increasing your chances of being considered for the job. We keep track of all runner CVs so feel free to send yours to

* The Facebook group People who work in TV who know people who work in TV (Facebook) has almost 21,000 members. This is just one of many job ad sites.