Funeral for Nature, Bath 2024

Extinction Rebellion, Coderedfornature, and the Red Rebels stage a Funeral for Nature

This weekend saw the historic streets of Bath host a poignant prelude to Earth Day 2024, as Coderedfornature staged a ‘Funeral for Nature’. Omni was there to document the event and create a powerful campaign film, building on the momentum of this ambitious street theatre protest. This event marks the observance of Earth Day, focusing on the issue of biodiversity loss to help raise awareness and drive change, especially for the UK, which according to State of Nature report, is now one of the most nature-depleted countries on earth.

Coderedfornature website states, “Around the world, biodiversity is being annihilated at a terrifying rate. We are entering the ‘sixth mass extinction’ event, and the consequences could be catastrophic if we do not act swiftly. In spite of promises from governments, biodiversity loss shows no sign of slowing. The future of our planet is at stake.”

Procession of Red Rebels for Funeral for Nature event.

The Red Rebels, with their striking red costumes and ghostly white faces, embody the bleeding heart of our planet and the spectral future we may face without intervention.

These visuals are compelling not only for their aesthetic value but also for their ability to provoke thought and stir action. We captured the reverence of their protest, ensuring their message is felt far beyond the boundaries of Bath.

Red Rebels - Funeral for Nature

The involvement of Chris Packham in this event underscores its significance, aligning with his fervent advocacy for conservation and ecological justice.

Our aim is to spark reflection and dialogue about environmental issues in a manner that is informative yet not overbearing. The power of the Red Rebels‘ performance lies in its ability to make people pause, watch, and consider. 

Omni Productions collaborated with Rob Delius, who organised the Funeral for Nature in his spare time, to document this impactful event. Rob is Head of Sustainability at fellow B Corp Stride Treglown, both of us certified B Corps companies, meaning we are united in our commitment to use our businesses as a force for good, championing sustainability and responsible practices. This partnership allows us to harness our expertise in video production to help magnify an urgent message: the critical need for sustainable living and proactive environmental stewardship.

Red Rebels - Funeral for Nature

At Omni Productions, we believe in the power of storytelling to make a difference. Offering our services and years of experience pro bono for this event reflects our dedication to positive, impactful community and global engagement.

We are storytellers at heart, committed to using our craft to support and promote meaningful causes.

***Video to follow soon***

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