Omni Productions is on the move!

Omni Productions is on the move!

You'll find us in a new waterfront office in the historic Underfall Yard

We’ll take away some great memories from our St.Paul’s office, but to say we’re excited to be on the move to a new location is an understatement and we’ll tell you why…

Underfall Yard has a rich history dating back to 1809. Over the years it has been developed and redesigned by a number of fascinating people, including Britain’s most famous engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Today, it is home to a host of maritime businesses, the Harbour Master, the Docks Engineer and in a few weeks, Omni.

Inside, there are plenty of reminders of the building’s grand history including the original exposed beams and windows. There’s even a few industrial rigs from days gone by.

At the moment the interior is being designed and decorated to maximise our creative and technical workflow. In the next few weeks we should be settled into the new office just in time for sunny lunchtime strolls along the river.