Our Favourite Charity Ads

Think of a well known charity and it's likely you’ve seen one of their TV ads. 

Charity ads play an important role in raising funds and awareness, whilst at the same time promoting the good work of their respective organisations and sharing important advice. Here’s our favourite charity ads from some of the UK’s top organisations.

1. RSPB, Give Nature a Home.

This light hearted TV ad asks its audience to “give nature a home” and shows the benefits of having a wildlife-friendly garden.

We worked with RSPB to produce a suite of campaign films, have a look at our RSPB work page to find out more.

2. British Heart Foundation, Heart Disease is Heartless.

The quiet intimacy of this film makes you feel as if you’re part of the story, watching the events as they unfold. It’s this personal, intrusive approach that makes the message so powerful.

3. Age UK, Love Later Life.

Featuring a poem by Roger McGough and narrated by Sir Christopher Lee, this sophisticated yet simple ad encourages people to make the most of their older years and shows the support available through Age UK.

We produced a short film titled ‘Still Here’ for Age UK, which you can watch on their YouTube channel.

4. Save The Children, Second A Day.

This film captures just one second a day of a young girl’s life as she becomes a refugee. This clever story telling technique demonstrates the rapidity of the refugee crisis and how drastically it can alter a child’s life.

5. WWF, Protect Tigers.

With a mix of CGI and live action, this ad takes you into the home of a family caring for a wounded tiger and invites you to become a tiger protector too.

There are many goals and objectives that can be met with the help of a good film. If this is something you believe may help your charity or organisation, let’s have a chat.


Image: Taken from the set of RSPB campaign film 'Tape'