Our Top 5 Public Awareness Campaigns

At their most effective, public awareness films resonate with audiences long after the credits have rolled. 

The subject matter can be hard-hitting or uplifting, but in either case the message must be clear and conveyed with conviction. We’ve compiled a list of 5 public awareness campaigns from the UK that have had a lasting impact on the Omni team.

1. Think Road Safety, Live With It.

This chilling TV ad shows the life-changing consequences of being involved in a fatal road accident, from the driver’s point of view.

2. Change for life, Be Food Smart.

With a mix of animation and live action, this film gives the audience bite-sized chunks of nutritional information whilst being both adult and child friendly.

3. Fire Kills Campaign, On Your Child’s Life.

The down the barrell approach of this film directly engages the audience and this, paired with a child protagonist, makes it particularly compelling.

4. This Girl Can, What About You?

This diverse, inclusive and empowering film celebrates women in sports and encourages its audience to “sweat like a pig and feel like a fox.”

5. NHS Smoke Free, Every Cigarette Rots You From The Inside Out.

Although graphic and unpleasant to watch, this film has a strong message that cannot be ignored.

Public awareness campaigns are a great opportunity for filmmakers to get involved with a worthwhile cause. We worked closely with the NHS to produce Condom, No Condom, an interactive safe-sex viral video that allows the user to choose their own ending using YouTube’s annotation links, allowing them to navigate through a complicated architecture of 27 separate films.

Try it for yourself! Condom or no condom?

You can find out more about our involvement with public awareness campaigns by visiting our work page.