Effective TV advertising during a pandemic

Effective TV advertising during a pandemic

Connecting with your audience.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic took hold early in 2020, brands have had to adapt to find new approaches and new channels to communicate and connect with their audiences. This includes exploring how they approach TV advertising, social media and print media.

Whilst many companies are struggling to survive during these challenging times, others have flourished and continue to grow. In particular e-learning resources, online meeting platforms and food delivery services, particularly food delivery services that serve vulnerable members of society.

The initial success of these businesses could be down to a response to nationwide lockdowns and a natural increase in demand for the services they offer. However, continued success will be a result of a true understanding of their audience and a commitment to adapting to their clients wants and needs.

Loneliness and social isolation during lockdown

Already an ongoing issue in the UK, loneliness and social isolation has increased as a result of the pandemic, particularly amongst older generations. This has now been compounded by multiple national lockdowns and the seasonal shift into winter. With the days drawing shorter and the temperature dropping, it becomes increasingly important that we look out for the most vulnerable in our communities.

As individuals we can do this through picking up the phone, posting a letter and checking in with our neighbours and family. Nationwide charities, such as Age UK, as well as local community groups are working hard to provide essential support. However, there is a huge role that business can play in supporting communities.

Companies that work in this space want to serve their clients in the safest, most effective way possible during this time. Wiltshire Farm Foods is an example of a food delivery service that is doing this. They have worked non-stop throughout the pandemic to adapt to a steep increase in demand whilst maintaining their reliable “good old fashioned service”.

Audience and viewers

Currently more people are at home watching television, so TV advertising seems like the best way to reach certain demographics. Naturally, companies like Wiltshire Farm Foods want to continue to advertise to new and existing clients, but understand the importance of sensitivity during these challenging times.

In order to reach their target audiences and engage new clients they know they need to find concepts that resonate strongly with them and are meaningful. The adverts need to have a positive impact on the audience, and in the simplest of terms put a smile on their face.

It is a challenge to develop an advertising concept that promotes the true value a brand or service can add to an individual’s life, that evokes positive feelings and emotions and cuts through the other 5000 + advertisements an average British citizen sees a day. Perhaps, especially challenging at a time when the country is in lockdown and production companies are unable to access usual resources.

In the recording studio

The use of music in TV advertising

Research has shown that music has the power to surface memories and evoke strong emotions. Though in film production we often use music to support an advert, we took this opportunity to explore how we could further the relationship between audience and music.

A concept we explored with our client Wiltshire Farm Foods during the pandemic is the use of a well-known track that would speak directly to the target audience. The use of music in their latest television advert focuses on the positive relationship between service provider and customer.

The TV advert features a unique composition of the classic track ‘Bring Me Sunshine’ composed by Arthur Kent, with lyrics by Sylvia Dee. Written in 1966, first recorded by The Mills Brother in 1968 and adopted by Morecambe and Wise as their theme tune in 1969, with multiple cover versions it is likely that the elderly generation of users Wiltshire Farm foods is targeting have some association with the song.

The contrast of the classic track with the onscreen rainy day food deliveries supports the narrative of the advert. Whilst the lyrics reaffirm the goal of the company, to bring sunshine to their clients, even on a rainy day.

The use of a unique composition to cut through the noise and anxiety of the current state of society, helped Wiltshire Farm Foods unite their viewers and successfully engage new clients.

Looking forward

Across industries people are reevaluating how they manage work and clients. This has taught us that we need to continue to find new ways to look at things, interrogate our concepts from all angles and always keep the end user at front on our mind.

What is the most powerful TV advert that you have seen in recent months?

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