Top 5 Studios for Film and Video Production in London

Top 5 Studios for Film and Video Production in London

From the banks of the Thames to parkside industrial estates, the capital city is awash with incredible studio spaces. So much so, that it can be tricky knowing where to look.

Whether shooting television drama, cinema commercials or brand testimonials, location plays an enormous role in the quality of your film. As such, the scouting of studios cannot, and should not, be rushed.

Having worked with an array of studio spaces across London, we thought we’d provide a little insight as to our favourites. Here are five of the best studios for film and video production in London.

Mount Pleasant Studios

First on our list is Mount Pleasant Studios, a comprehensively kitted-out studio nestled in the heart of the capital city. With a rich history dating back to the 1980s, the space earned a reputation for excellence, facilitating a number of large scale productions and commercial work for internationally renowned food brands.

In the mid 2000s, Mount Pleasant experienced a change of ownership, reopening in 2005 following a number of technical improvements. Complete with a U-shaped infinity cove, lighting grid, green room, makeup and wardrobe facilities, the soundproofed studio space lends itself to both film and television work.

Here at Omni Productions, we worked collaboratively with creative agency Shaped By to create a series of talking head testimonial interviews for the API security company Noname, all of which were shot at Mount Pleasant studios. The studio’s scale was ideal for wide-angle, cinematic shots, allowing us to craft a visually captivating film that brought real client case studies to life. You can view the full project and behind the scenes footage here.

Black Island Studios

Next up is Black Island Studios, a commercial film studio complex in Central London and an integral member of Panavision’s ‘Island Studios’ family. Sat just off the A40 in Acton, the expansive studio space is home to six industry-leading stages, ranging from a 2208 sq. ft green screen cove to a 16500 sq. ft film stage with drive-on access.

Each stage is equipped with a multitude of high-quality amenities, including multiple production spaces, hair and makeup facilities and green rooms. As expected from a Panavision studio, each stage is accompanied by lighting from Panalux and Direct Digital.

Black Island is an ideal location for a range of productions, including commercials and TV campaigns. Here, we shot a series of stylised TVCs, for British car buyer Auto Trader, aiming to increase brand visibility and illuminate the household name’s relatable nature. Each advert tells the story of different characters and their car buying experience, making the most of the studio’s versatile nature and allowing us to shoot across a range of sets.

Loft Studios

Situated in North-West London, between Harlesden and North Acton, Loft Studios exists as a fully serviced studio complex, complete with in-house catering, set-build, prop hire and equipment rental facilities. Having first opened their doors in 2008, it is no wonder they’ve earned a reputation for excellence within the world of commercial, film and television work.

As far as space is concerned, Loft boasts 7 studios, including one daylight stage, three suites and a vast array of outdoor locations.

This gives the complex a unique and versatile aesthetic, ideal for a wide range of productions including films, television, commercials and events.Located within an industrial area, Loft Studios offer the best of both worlds, with industry-leading studio facilities close to a number of scenic locations, including Notting Hill, Wormwood Scrubs, White City and Kensal Green Cemetery.

BBC Studio Works: Television Centre

The iconic Television Centre, operated by BBC Studio Works, exists as a cornerstone of British television history. That said, it is by no means stuck in the past, with its rich past elevated by a host of modern facilities. Located in the heart of West London, this revitalised complex offers three state-of-the-art studios, ranging in size from 3,430 sq. ft. to 10,800 sq. ft., catering to a broad spectrum of production needs.

Television Centre has been the birthplace of countless memorable broadcasts, hosting an impressive roster of shows such as The Graham Norton Show, This Morning, Never Mind The Buzzcocks and The Jonathan Ross Show. Its comprehensive facilities ensure that every aspect of production, from pre-production planning to post-production editing, is executed to the highest standard.

​​The BBC Television Centre’s ability to adapt to a wide range of formats and genres, combined with its rich historical ambiance, makes it a sought-after location for productions aiming to leave a lasting impact on viewers.

3 Mills Studios

Nestled on the banks of the River Lea, 3 Mills Studios is a beacon of creativity and innovation within London’s vibrant film and television industry. This historic site, with its roots stretching back to the Domesday Book, has been transformed into a premier destination for filmmakers and producers seeking versatility and inspiration. With nine sound stages totalling 80,000 sq. ft., the studios offer an expansive canvas for large-scale productions.

Equipped with 3-phase power, house lights, and comprehensive facilities including gas, heating, and ample parking bays, 3 Mills is designed to accommodate even the grandest of creative visions. Its unique blend of industrial charm and modern amenities provides an unmatched setting for creativity to flourish. Ask anyone in this industry, and they’ll tell you the importance of a good cup of coffee; fortunately, 3 Mills boasts an onsite cafe for filmmakers and crew to sit back and relax in.

Bringing A Studio To Life

Crucial though it may be, finding the perfect studio is only the beginning. The true magic lies in expert production, a skilled crew, and visionary direction. Even the most sought-after locations can only reach their full potential with the right technical expertise and creative insight guiding every shot. With the clock ticking and budgets to adhere to, employing an experienced production agency is a must.

At Omni Productions, we understand what it takes to bring a studio to life. Our award-winning team pairs unmatched technical skill with creative flair to elevate your project from concept to reality. Whether it’s a brand film, an HR recruitment video, or any other visual storytelling need, we’re here to ensure that your message not only reaches its audience but resonates deeply with them.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch; our in-house producers are here to bring your vision to life.

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