Our values

Why we do what we do

Omni Productions thrives on collaboration, curiosity and caring.

We are focused on adapting to the changing pace of the industry and wider society, so we are ready to support our clients as best we can.

At Omni Productions we – together with our clients – challenge ourselves to find inventive ways to engage with audiences and drive positive change.

Founded in 2002, the company was part of the growing creative scene in Bristol. Today, we are proud to have evolved into an established production agency working with both local and international brands.

As the company grew, so did our awareness and we became more conscious of our impact on the world around us. We realised we could add more value to society through how we work, who we work with and what we produce.

In 2017 we became a certified B Corp and joined a community of like-minded businesses and people, who shared our values.

Our experience spans multiple industries, but the one thing our clients all have in common is a desire to put their audience first, improve how they communicate and do better.

Focussing on value for money, quality and results, we prioritise connecting with people, collaborating, taking responsibility and ultimately creating something that drives engagement and positive change.

Every film the company makes is created by people who are dedicated to making the world a better place.

“Auto Trader is committed to being a net zero carbon emissions organisation. Our strategy is to drive change across our operations and our supply chain. The work in which Omni partakes to offset carbon in all of our projects together has a positive impact on our business, and greatly contributes towards our overall carbon net zero journey.”