Transport for London | Unsung Heroes

Transport for London | Unsung Heroes

Celebrating the unsung heroes who keep London moving

Transport for London (TfL) wanted to attract the nation’s best Project Managers, Analysts and Developers to join their team.

Real employees are at the heart of this series of recruitment films. Through the shooting style, composition and framing we elevated the films beyond the standard talking head. Using intimate angles and compositions not usually seen in classic interview set ups, we were able to portray the humanity and personalities behind Transport for London.

The campaign reached over 1.3 million people on social media. The best engagement rates were from YouTube, with 166,592 video views and a Click Through Rate of 1.03%.

From the 2500 applicants, nearly 700 were shortlisted and some 91% of applicants stated that the videos made them ‘slightly/more likely to apply’.

This project was delivered in collaboration with Roast Productions and Havas.