Auto Trader | It’s That Easy

Auto Trader | It’s That Easy

A new campaign for a new audience

Auto Trader needed a campaign that would address the public’s existing perception that they were only a physical magazine for a specific audience, and present them as a modern digital business and an accessible tool for everyone.

We delivered a narrative that weaves its way between the familiarity and nostalgia of big and small life moments, experienced by every kind of motorist in the country.

The goal was to find little but powerful observations of human life centred around Britain’s love affair with the car.

The film was shot in a natural, authentic way to reflect the viewer’s live’s back at them, affirming that AutoTrader understands them and is their trusted aide when the time comes to buying their next car.

Working closely with the Mynt team, Omni Productions produced a 30 and 10 sec TV ad (+ VOD), 40 sec Cinema ad and a 20 second Radio ad.

We also delivered supporting photography for the “It’s That Easy” Auto Trader campaign.