360 VR Video Production

Omni apply their strategic, writing and direction skills to 360 immersive VR video for social media

Although 360 video has been around for many years, it’s only recently become available to mass consumer audiences. This is primarily through social media channels and mobile devices, which is turn has opened up a realm of new possibilities. 

VR 360 video is an exciting medium that can bring the user into a world they would otherwise not be able to experience, whether that's live action content filmed via 360 cameras or specially designed 3D animation.

VR 360 video

The technology brings with it a different set of filmmaking challenges such as immersive audio that helps direct the audience to where you want them to engage as well as shooting separate scenes, which can be stitched together seamlessly in post production.

Our latest 360 production, delivered through Google Daydream, allows the audience to be part of a working office environment via multiple stitched together scenes providing the viewer with an unforgettable experience of the brand's business and culture.

Bespoke VR camera rig

As well as the scripting and shooting, Omni oversee all aspects of 360 post-production, from stitching, grading, editing, graphics, interactive elements and immersive 360 sound.

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