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Omni are here to help you build your brand video channel to create long term relationships and engagement.

Omni are here to help you build your brand video channel to create long term relationships and engagement. 

We use the Hero, Hub, Help framework when approaching video projects to ensure there is a strategy in place regarding content creation, delivery and seeding. 

Hero hub and help infographic

We are not just creators of great video content, we also have an in-house digital team supported by six full-time software developers and designers with experience in ad serving, data crunching and building complex and robust systems.

This resource means that we are able to support with:

  • Activation through online ad networks
  • Setup and optimisation of media channels such as YouTube
  • Cross platform seeding
  • Consultancy on social algorithms to better optimise engagement with your audience
  • Planning and scheduling of all hub content including hero, regular episodic or help
  • Help with your SEO strategy
  • Management of incremental changes based on analytics over the duration of the campaign
  • Performance analysis against video analytics
  • Consolidation and management of data - to help you get more value from data and deliver content where it needs to go
  • GDPR data compliance or advice via in-house certified GDPR consultants

Brands can spend a great deal of time and budget on production, and can make the mistake of simply uploading the content without putting any thought into how that footage can be best found or work strategically. By working with Omni beyond just the production process, we can help give you the very best result through strategy, analysis and understanding of the algorithms.

"Omni were a breath of fresh air. I was looking for a production agency that could add value to the creative process but weren’t unnecessarily pushy or forceful with their ideas – but at the same time had them, and good ones at that. That’s exactly what Omni provided."

Brand Manager, VAX

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