Video QC | Quality Control

Video QC | Quality Control

Video QC or Quality Control is the validating of the finished video file to ensure it’s fit for its intended purpose by detecting a variety of possible issues, including:

  • Compliance to a specification
  • Correct file type
  • Correct time code
  • Correct layout
  • Video errors (colour gamut, artefacts)
  • Audio errors (loudness, clicks, silence)
  • Codec, frame rate, and frame size detail
  • Black levels, encode settings
  • Photosensitive Epilepsy (PSE) Flash Pattern

Being able to verify if the content meets specifications before delivery allows us to avoid costs related to content rejection. And fixing such problems just before the air date can be even more expensive, and sometimes impossible.

When content is ready for delivery or to be aired, running QC is essential to assure compliance with clients’ requirements or legal regulations that broadcasters need to adhere to.

Omni will apply robust media QC letting us deliver content with confidence.