Auto Trader TV, Cinema and Radio Ads

Omni and Mynt help AutoTrader appeal to a new audience with their "It's that Easy" Campaign.

Auto Trader came to Mynt with a brief to create a campaign that would address the perception that Auto Trader was still a magazine for petrol heads, when in reality they’re a cutting edge digital business that moved away from print 4 years ago.


Lei Sorvisto, who joined Auto Trader from iProspect as Head of Audience and Brand earlier this year told The Drum that Auto Trader hopes the "heavy investment" will help it shake off the view that it’s targeted towards "petrol heads", instead showing that it's an accessible tool for everyone.

Omni were tasked with bringing Mynt and Auto Trader’s brief to life and produced a campaign that weaves its way between the familiarity and nostalgia of big and small life moments, experienced by every kind of motorist in the country. 

The director Paul Butterworth wanted the piece to feel like "a collection of genuine found moments" - little but powerful observations of human life, all centred around Britain’s love affair with the car - a love letter from Auto Trader to the motorist, and from the motorist to their motor.

By filming these in a natural, authentic way we managed to reflect our viewer’s live’s back at them, affirming that AutoTrader understands them and is their trusted aide when the time comes to buy their next car.

Working closely with the Mynt team, Omni produced a 30 and 10 sec TV ad (+ VOD), 40 sec Cinema ad and a 20 second Radio ad.

The media agency, Specialist Works, will monitor AutoTrader's site performance when the creative plays on TV and track direct response. The brand, meanwhile, will sync its PPC and paid social activity with TV broadcast timings to capitalise on campaign performance; linking TV with digital channels.

The spot goes out in its various forms on Christmas Day.

30" TV Ad


40" Cinema Ad


Behind The Scenes Film