Barnardos 'Free From Fear' charity films

Awareness raising films to help prevent child sexual exploitation

Omni were given the fantastic opportunity to work with marketing agency 42Group for children’s charity Barnardo’s South West, to produce three short films featuring respected spoken word artists; Laurie Ogden, Inja and Vanessa Kissule.

Barnardos Free From Fear

Working closely with young people directly affected by the issue, every aspect of the creative process was guided by their feedback, allowing their united voices and experiences to come through as authentically as possible. Their concept being poems delivered by young adults, having had distance on their experiences, giving advice and strength to their younger selves.  

The final films were presented as part of an event held by Barnardos South West and Avon & Somerset Police to help raise awareness of the dangers of child sexual exploitation, with the intention of the content being shown within schools and online to help inspire and safeguard others.

An important and meaningful collaboration for all involved.

Vanessa Kisuule - ‘A Life Free from Fear’

Laurie Ogden - ‘Definitions’.

Inja - ‘Look at Yourself’

“We knew that Omni would do an incredible job, but the films really are absolutely outstanding. They effectively communicate the complex emotions and feelings of the young people, translating our concept and scripts into highly effective films."

Lawrie Jones - Director, 42 Group

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