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MekaMon is a genuinely unique proposition; ‘A gaming robot for grown-ups that works within augmented reality’ is a lot to get your head around, but it’s a tangible glimpse into the future of entertainment, and a vision that is truly inspiring. 

MekaMon Robot

Bristol based, Reach Robotics is a local company with global ambition. Steered by Co-Founder and CEO Silas Adekunle; the company has already attracted major names in the tech industry to help it on its path to success. Having received considerable investment, including an exclusive retail partnership deal with Apple, MekaMon is finally in its first phase of launching to the wider world. 

Omni were brought onboard by Reach to create a series of films to hero the product for its 2017 Christmas launch; both online and in-store at Apple, specifically a 60 second ‘mood’ trailer with multiple 30, 20 and 10 second cut downs for social, as well as two post-purchase demonstration films. The first being a 5 minute ‘How To’ to guide the user through the product set up, and the second, a three minute ’Features and Benefits’ film that broadly introduces the customer to the wealth of playability and potential on offer. 

Creatively, Omni fully took onboard the inspirations that built MekaMon; notably Reach’s love for Japanese Anime, Manga and all things Mech, and the natural world, something that is clearly apparent in MekaMon’s arachnid design. Even going so far as to consult with Bafta winning natural history editor Matt Meech (Planet Earth, The Blue Planet) to ensure we gave our creatures as much personality as possible when showing their conflict in battle mode. 

Features and Benefits film

How-to film

We also drew from our own geek out of early James Cameron, Chris Cunningham and other solid sci-fi tropes that would help cement the product in a world that is at once familiar, but exciting, innovative and unsettling enough to attract a more sophisticated, discerning audience that would get that this toy ’wasn’t for kids’ - or at least not the little ones! 

The MekaMon itself having an authentically disconcerting vibe when seen in ‘the flesh’ is something to behold. The feeling of it scuttle around your feet is not too dissimilar to having your own living, breathing robot pet, and for that experience alone, makes this one of the coolest jobs we’ve been involved with.

MekaMon Robot

MekaMon - behind the scenes

"It was a great pleasure to work with Omni and their professional team, our product was particularly unique with a challenging deadline but they delivered an outstanding set of videos that were extremely creative. We would not hesitate to work with them again on future projects."

Silas Adekunle, Co-founder and CEO, Reach Robotics

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