Wiltshire Farm Foods - TV Campaign

TV commercials for one of the UK’s most trusted food brands

In order to meet the company’s ambitious growth target, Wiltshire Farm Foods needed to drive engagement and boost brochure requests. The challenge was to present their services in a relatable way that would stand out enough to engage new customers but not alienate existing customers.

WIltshire Farm Food

Wiltshire Farms Foods pride themselves on ‘good old-fashioned’ service, their personal service sets them apart from supermarket deliveries. By featuring real members of the delivery team, the film captures the unique relationship Wiltshire Farm Foods has with their customer base. The film places the consumer at the heart of the campaign by using real Wiltshire Farm Foods customers in real life settings.

By presenting the benefits that the service would bring in a positive way the films reach out to those who are resistant to help. The films also show what an occasional relationship with Wiltshire Farm Foods would look like, giving the client choice and flexibility.

Family Album - TV commercial

Dog - TV commercial

Couple - TV commercial

Omni Productions created a suite of 3 TV adverts targeting multiple audiences, with clear call to actions. It was particularly important to make the adverts age relevant, this meant considering font size, use of colour and pace of the advert.

This was a direct response campaign with the CTA being to order a brochure to find out more. The adverts will be running on rotation throughout 2020, the success of the campaign will be based predominantly on brochure requests. 

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