How to get paid

To ensure your invoice gets paid on time, please follow the below workflow processes:

  1. Ensure you invoice quickly following the job
    Our invoice terms for suppliers are no more than 30x days from the date we receive your invoice, unless specifically stated against a job that requires longer terms. If you invoice two weeks after the job you can’t then backdate to account for it being late.
  2. Amount invoiced
    Please ensure you invoice what was agreed with a Producer or Project Manager. If invoicing a different amount or additional costs these need to be agreed before the invoice is sent. If there is a problem with the service you provided a Producer or Project Manager will be in touch.
  3. Send all invoices to the correct address
    All invoices should be sent to If they are sent to another email they may be missed and cause delays in payment.
  4. Please ensure the following items are included on your invoice
    • A unique invoice reference number
    • An Omni Productions job reference number if you have one, you can request this from the project team
    • Your full name
    • Your business name
    • A description of services you provided
    • Invoice date
    • Date/s of job
    • If VAT registered, please include your VAT number
  5. Ensure all invoices are in PDF format
    We try to have a paperless office as much as possible, so .PDF file format is best for quick and easy processing.
  6. Early payments
    In some cases we pay earlier but we do not pay earlier than 30x days unless specifically agreed with a Producer or the MD.
  7. Late invoices and changes to payment terms
    We do our best to pay on or before 30x days from the date the invoice was received. If for any reason it is late, please let us know via as there may have been a technical reason why your invoice was not processed.
  8. Data protection
    By sending us an invoice you acknowledge that Omni Productions as data processor and controller will store your details on our accounting system and supplier database. More information can be found in our Privacy policy.
  9. Confidentiality
    Through working with Omni Productions you will assume all project files and information is confidential. If you want to use footage in your own showreels please confirm with the Producer or Project Manager so we can check confidentiality agreements with the client.

If you have any further questions, please email They currently work flexible hours, so please allow 48 hours for a reply.