Values and impact

Values and impact

For more than two decades, Omni Productions has been partnering with clients and suppliers who share our values. Together, we create online video content and TV ad campaigns that resonate with audiences and make a meaningful difference.

As a sustainable video production company, Omni are committed to making a positive impact in everything we do. We believe that by prioritising sustainability and responsible business practices, we can be part of creating a better world for all.

We are B Corp certified

We are proud to be one of the first production companies to be certified a B Corporation in the UK. In 2018 we became part of a community of like-minded businesses, who work towards inspiring and enabling people to use business as a force for good.

As part of being a B Corporation, we regularly go through a detailed company impact assessment via B Lab to ensure that every element of our business has a positive impact. We then generate an Impact Report to ensure our sustainability goals are reached whilst planning on how to improve them throughout the following year.

Becoming carbon balanced

We work with carbon offsetting Community Interest Company 9Trees and Ecologi to offset our carbon usage from 2002 to now, with a target to become carbon NET ZERO by 2030.

Every mile travelled during any production is accounted for, converted to CO2e tons of carbon and a donation made to offset it.

To date we are proud to have young forests growing in our name around the UK with the equivalent of over 700 tons of CO2 being balanced.

Charitable giving

At Omni Productions, we have a strong commitment to charitable giving and supporting those in need. Each month, one of our staff members selects a worthy charity to support, which may range from local organisations making a difference in our community to global aid groups working towards global humanitarian causes. Additionally, we remain actively informed about pressing crises, and when necessary, we utilise our monthly donation to provide assistance to those affected by such events. 

Our commitment to the environment

At Omni, we’re dedicated to preserving our environment in every way possible. Our comprehensive environmental policy covers everything from prioritising local suppliers and considering environmental factors on set, to promoting recycling, encouraging cycling to work, and implementing sustainable work practices.

We take our responsibility to the planet seriously and prioritise sustainability in everything we do.

Code of conduct

We take inclusivity seriously and share our Code of Conduct with all involved in our shoots, including staff, freelancers, and third-party providers. Crafted by the Advertising Producers Association (APA), our code promotes a welcoming and respectful working environment where racism and inappropriate sexual behavior won’t be tolerated. By upholding this code, we foster a culture of respect, ensuring a successful and positive experience for all involved.

Ethical marketing policy

Our core beliefs around honesty and transparency apply to how we market our services and communicate with clients.

We believe all of our marketing efforts and strategies, for ourselves and on behalf of our clients, must provide genuine value to the target audience. We believe that personal data should never be exploited by marketers to gain attention.

Our Ethical Marketing Policy outlines the practices we follow and the commitments we’ve made to ensure that we are meeting or exceeding best practices for ethical standards in our industry.


For 15 years we have been supporting the fight against domestic violence and abuse. We believe everyone deserves to feel safe in their home and at their place of work.

The team has developed groundbreaking training drama films and delivery platform to equip services with the skills needed to support victims of domestic abuse and violence. Even though Leaving was produced in 2008, it remains the most well used and respected film training tool on the subject. Our follow up film Last Date (2021) is used nationally in schools as a preventative training tool to promote healthy relationships for young people.

We continue to work with and support charities and specialist organisations to tackle domestic violence and abuse.

Prompt payment code

We do our best to pay on or before 30x days from the date the invoice was received, and we are a signatory of the Prompt Payment Code. If for any reason your invoice is late, please let us know via as there may have been a technical reason why is was not processed. To ensure things run as smooth as possible, we’ve produced a useful guide regarding How to Get Paid

We’d love to meet you

Together we create content that drives engagement and positive change. If you’d like to work with us, please feel free to drop us a line to chat with one of our in-house producers.

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At Omni Productions, we understand that every business is different, which is why we offer a wide range of video production services to fit your needs. Whether you’re looking for a brand video, a marketing video, a TV commercial, a direct response television (DRTV) spot, a film for your recruitment campaign, a charity video, or an animation or training video, we can help you create a video that will captivate your audience and help you achieve your goals. We have a base in sunny Bristol but work across Cardiff, Birmingham, London and the UK.

We are committed to providing our clients with the best possible service, and we are always happy to discuss your project and find a solution that meets your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our video production services and get a free quote.