Why don't victims of domestic abuse just leave?

Glennie McIntosh, Social Film Drama and Omni Productions collaborated to create a film for training people in domestic abuse charities and frontline services to more easily recognise and support people suffering from domestic abuse.

Leaving tells the story of Helen (Kierston Wareing, BAFTA Best Actress Nominee – Ken Loache’s It’s a Free World) and her attempt to break free from her violent husband Jim (Johnny Harris, Paul Andrew Williams’ London To Brighton). It offers a glimpse into the long and arduous process of safely leaving an abusive relationship, as well as confronting the deep-rooted social misconception that those living with domestic violence ‘should just walk away’.

“Leaving was very powerful indeed in a short space of time. The film made me feel very sad and determined to do my best as a professional to help victims access help.”
ManagerHomeless Services, Tower Hamlets

Throughout pre-production an advisory team was called upon to ensure that the film remained truthful and respectful to those it portrayed. Advisors included Jenni Manners MBE, whose 30 years of service to victims of domestic violence has earned her significant respect within the field, as well as other notable representatives from the Police and Probation services, and charities such as the NSPCC and SPLITZ.

Throughout the production process, on-set special domestic abuse advisors Sue Blacklock and Chris Fry were at hand for detailed advice and support.

“Circling story, representing the never-ending circle of abuse, with precise and controlled storytelling. The directors are clearly in command and the actors are wonderful.”
Cillian MurphyActor

Leaving is used across the UK by domestic abuse charities and other frontline services as a training tool. For more information and to purchase training films and supporting materials visit Social Film Drama.

Following the success of Leaving, Social Film Drama and Omni Productions produced, Last Date, that focuses on coercive and controlling behaviour amongst young people.