Shoot And Tie: Best Places To Film Corporate Video In London

Shoot And Tie: Best Places To Film Corporate Video In London

As far as brand awareness and value are concerned, there are few mediums as effective as well executed corporate videos.

Whether you’re capturing heartfelt customer testimonials, producing recruitment content or weaving compelling brand stories, film remains unmatched in its power to connect and communicate.

Of course, crucial to the success of these visual narratives is the choice of location; the where of these stories is as critical as the what and why. The space in which you choose to film your video is more than a backdrop, it’s a character in its own right, setting the tone and context for the narrative to unfold.

Here, we’ll discuss the elements worth bearing in mind when finding a location for your corporate video, as well as some of our favourite spots to shoot in London.

Considerations When Choosing A Location

When orchestrating a corporate video shoot in London, the choice of location is as strategic as it is creative, requiring a blend of artistic sensibility and pragmatic foresight. Whether you carry out location reconnaissance yourself, or utilise a reliable online directory (Fresh Locations, Location HQ or Good Spaces to name a few) it’s well worth considering the following:

Message and Tone

The setting of your video is integral to its narrative. The space in which you choose to shoot should reflect and enhance the message you wish to convey, whether it’s formal and professional or warm and relatable. Think of the location as a silent narrator, contributing to the story you’re trying to tell.

Aesthetic Alignment

The aesthetics of a location should be seen as a visual extension of your brand’s narrative. The architectural style, lighting, and overall ambience should align with your brand identity and the story you’re conveying. This visual harmony is key to creating an impactful video.

Accessibility and Logistics

In addition to the tone and aesthetics of your video, it’s important to consider the scale of the production. Practical aspects like ease of access, parking for equipment, and space for gear setup are crucial.

Permissions and Legal Considerations

Ensuring all filming permits and legal requirements are in place is essential. This step is vital to avoid interruptions and legal complications, ensuring a seamless production process.

London’s Best Locations

With the basics of scouting under our belts, let’s take a look at the locations themselves. London, with its diverse architecture and unique aesthetics, presents itself as an unparalleled canvas for businesses of all kinds to tell their stories. In no particular order, here are a few of our favourites:

Alexandra Road Estate

Alexandra road estate

The Alexandra Road Estate, a harmonious blend of verdant landscapes and bold brutalist architecture, is a favoured locale for both corporate and creative filmmakers. Its long walkways are perfect for dynamic walking shots, offering a unique cinematic quality. While filming outdoors here brings the benefits of natural lighting and open space, it’s important to consider potential challenges like noise and weather, ensuring your shoot remains uninterrupted by these elements.

Canary Wharf

Canary wharf

From its futuristic underground station to the Adams Plaza Bridge (some of the new Star Wars was even filmed here) and mesmerising skyline, this area of East London is littered with frame-ready shoot spots. Its versatility and sleek, modern aesthetic lend themselves perfectly to corporate videos that aim to project a contemporary, cutting-edge image.

Richmond Park

Richmond park

For those seeking a departure from traditional corporate aesthetics, Richmond Park offers a serene retreat. Nestled south of the bustling city centre, its picturesque landscapes provide a tranquil backdrop, ideal for brands looking to embrace a more natural, calming aesthetic. The contrast between Richmond’s pastoral tranquillity and London’s urban vibrancy can add a unique dimension to your corporate video.

Magazine London (Studio Space)

Photograph of Magazine London by Henry Woide

Sat at the tip of the Greenwich Peninsula, Magazine London stands out as an epitome of modern, industrial elegance. Its expansive spaces and minimalist décor make it an impeccable choice for luxury brands and large-scale corporate productions. The venue’s sheer scale and refined aesthetic create an atmosphere of sophistication and grandeur, perfectly suited for high-end corporate video projects.

Notting Hill

Notting hill

Notting Hill, a tapestry of vibrant hues and Victorian charm, presents a splendid setting for corporate videos that seek to blend tradition with modernity. Its iconic, colourful townhouses and the lively Portobello Road Market offer a backdrop that’s both inviting and dynamic. Ideal for narratives emphasising innovation within tradition, Notting Hill’s picturesque streets and eclectic vibe enable businesses to convey a story of community, creativity, and enduring charm.

The Square Mile

Square Mile

The Square Mile, a striking blend of historic gravitas and contemporary prowess, is a powerhouse location for corporate videos, especially for sectors like finance and law. Its skyline, featuring landmarks like St. Paul’s Cathedral juxtaposed against modern marvels like the Gherkin, embodies a narrative of stability, ambition, and progress. Perfect for businesses aiming to project confidence and success, this location resonates with a sense of prestige and forward-thinking, mirroring the energetic pulse of corporate life.

Bringing A Location To Life

Shot well, the right location has the power to elevate your business’s message, contextualising the story you wish to tell and creating genuine connections with your audience. This, however, requires expert knowledge throughout the preparative, filming and post-production phases.

Here at Omni Productions, we’ve been fortunate enough to work with hundreds of clients across London, blending technical expertise with creative flare in order to achieve truly breathtaking results.

From brand films to HR recruitment videos, our award winning team are here to bring your business’s messaging to life. Get in touch to discuss your requirements or request a quote.

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