In order to ensure the health and safety of our staff, cast, crew, contributors and members of the public during the COVID-19 pandemic, Omni Productions have committed to the assessment and alleviation of the risks of COVID-19 during productions and within our offices

Having closely followed government and APA industry guidance (V1.9), we have implemented changes to reflect these best practices:

Staying safe during Production:

  • Health declaration – All staff, crew, cast and clients are issued with a digital health declaration document before the shoot to confirm they are free of COVID-19  symptoms This needs to complete before being allowed on set
  • Covid-19 supervisor – An easily identifiable COVID-19 Supervisor is onsite at all times to monitor the compliance and remind the teams of COVID-19 best working practices (such as social distancing, temperature checks etc.) Site rules are distributed well in advance and have no exceptions
  • Location sanitisation – Locations are industrially cleaned before and after a shoot. Site rule posters are placed in visible areas to remind everyone of the rules and guidelines such as social distancing and handwashing/sanitising facilities available.
  • Work equipment – Considering good hygiene and eliminating the risk of transmission through the sharing of work equipment which is key to production from cameras and headsets to edit suites
  • Catering and rest areas – Ensuring as much safety as possible, implementing staggered start times, organised catering provisions and allocated breaks in dedicated areas
  • Additional risk assessments – COVID-19  risk assessment considerations are added to the standard on set risk assessment to ensure safety is considered. This includes what is required if someone on set exhibits Covid-19 symptoms 
  • Testing – COVID-19 testing will be carried out for key members of the cast and crew that are required to be within 1 meter of others without PPE
  • Travel – seeking to work within the local areas where possible, minimise travel requirements, and maintain social distancing where practically achievable
  • Work Activities – Adapting and changing the activities that people need to undertake across roles in production to reduce risk
  • Work Equipment – Considering good hygiene and eliminating the risk of transmission through the sharing of work equipment which is key to production from cameras and headsets to edit suites
  • Work Patterns – reviewing work patterns to encourage small groups (cohorts) of people who don’t come into contact with other groups
  • First Aid and Emergency services – Planning activities to reduce the risk of requiring emergency services to be called as well as advice to first aiders on COVID-19 risk
  • Masks, Gloves and Other PPE – As per the APA COVID-19  Shooting and Office Guidelines
  • Mental Health – Considering the potential mental health impacts of COVID-19, those on set may feel fearful or anxious of the virus

Staying safe within the office:

  • Risk assessments – Omni Productions has produced a COVID-19  risk assessment and shared it with the entire team
  • Minimising – Allocating a maximum number of people per room with relevant signage
  • Communicating –Ensuring those who have symptoms or are ill know not to come into work and to return home immediately if they become ill at work
  • Commuting – Working from home where possible. Considering risks in commuting, especially on public transport
  • Social Distancing – Making every effort to ensure social distancing is adhered to from space planning to signage. One way systems to ensure social distancing is adhered to
  • Cleaning – Handwashing signs and sanitising solutions have been provided on every desk and the frequency of office cleaning has been increased
  • Face covering – In order to support our people to stay safe while in the office, we have implemented a mask-wearing policy if working within the same room whilst social distancing
  • Mental Health – The COVID-19 risk and the response has had a potential Mental Health impact which is being considered within our office environment