Ethical marketing policy

Why ethical marketing

Omni Productions core beliefs around honesty and transparency apply to how we market our services and communicate with clients.

We believe all of our marketing efforts and strategies, for ourselves and on behalf of our clients, must provide genuine value to the target audience. We believe that personal data should never be exploited by marketers to gain attention.

Our ethical marketing policy outlines the practices we follow and the commitments we’ve made to ensure that we are meeting or exceeding best practices for ethical standards in our industry.

We commit to honesty in marketing

We pledge to:

  • Never use dishonest marketing tactics for our own or client marketing campaigns, including use of fake or manipulated reviews and testimonials, use of inflated results in messaging for clients or our advertising
  • Only use information in our marketing and communications that are representative of a client’s overall impact and not present misleading data
  • Provide accurate descriptions of the services we provide and use appropriate language and words to reflect them

On-going project based reflections

To ensure our whole team considers the ethics of our marketing approach we ask everyone involved in a campaign to consider several questions:

  • Is any of our messaging exaggerated or misleading to our target audiences?
  • Is our language honest about the value and impact of our services?
  • Are any quotes used, whether from clients, partners or the team, accurate?

We commit to rejecting impact washing

Impact washing is when impact-focused claims are made by a company without any demonstrable positive social or environmental impact.

We commit to rejecting the practice of impact washing. We will not exaggerate our positive impact to gain marketing advantage, or distract from any socially or environmentally negative impacts.

We pledge that:

  • We will not inflate numbers, manipulate data, or mislead audiences with stories that aren’t reflective of overall outcomes of projects
  • We will not make unrealistic claims about expected results
  • We only share stories and create impact initiatives that are centred on our mission, to care to drive positive change, and not purely for marketing benefits
  • Our campaigns are fully honest and transparent about the social and environmental impacts of a client’s work
  • We will review marketing and communications strategies and tactics to ensure that they are not engaging in impact-washing

We commit to cultural sensitivity in campaign creative

It is important that messaging and marketing campaigns are sensitively positioned in the appropriate market.

To avoid marketing campaigns that are insensitive or biased, a culture of self awareness is promoted and multiple parties are always involved in the creative process.

We commit to permission-based email marketing

If we use email marketing, we commit to ensuring that all recipients have opted in or provided permission to receive marketing messages from Omni Productions.

Any content shared will focus on providing value to the recipient, including blogs and online resources.

We commit to being GDPR compliant.

We commit to white hat search engine optimisation

Practices we follow for SEO and content marketing:

  • User first focus, create content that communicates our mission and provides value for users
  • Post valuable content that people want to link to, building organic links
  • Use PR and collaborations based on shared values to build links
  • Help users find the right content by correctly using redirects
  • Ensure 404 pages have useful navigation

Tactics that we avoid:

  • Purchasing links or using software or online bots to build links
  • Intentionally hiding content or links so that only the search engines can see them
  • Automated, stolen or plagiarised content generation
  • Misdirection and unethical redirects. We do not intentionally mislead our audience and redirect people to content that was not the content that organic search returned. I.e. the subject matter does not change once the link is clicked

Questions and feedback

This policy is designed to further our commitment to doing the right thing by our clients. We welcome any questions or feedback you may have to help us continue to improve. You can contact us via this form, or feel free to call or email us for any of the below:

  • For more information on our approach to ethical marketing
  • To provide any feedback or share your thoughts
  • For any complaints

View our privacy policy for further information on how we manage data.

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