Noname Security | Customer testimonial videos

Customer testimonial videos for the technology industry

A series of testimonial interview videos for Noname

Omni Productions, had the joy of collaborating with the brilliant agency, Shaped By, to create a series of customer testimonial videos for their client, Noname, the API security company.

This project aimed to shed light on the importance of API security while showcasing the expertise and solutions offered by Noname.

Leveraging our expertise in cinematic storytelling, we worked closely with Shaped By to craft a visually captivating film that brought real client case studies to life, while ensuring confidentiality.

Noname filmed their customer testimonial videos at Mount Pleasant Studios inLondon, which was the ideal setting for creating a visually stunning cinematic experience.

We brought the narrative to life shooting with prime lenses with lots of characters and by strategically employing extreme wide-angle shots, we not only highlighted the scale of the studio but also maximised the visual impact of the film.

Through our collaboration with Shaped By and Noname, Omni Productions successfully created a visually captivating series of video testimonials that highlighted the importance of API security.

Our expertise in cinematic storytelling, coupled with the use of interesting angles and shot choices, allowed us to bring Noname’s vision to life with stunning clarity and scale.

By casting actors to represent real clients and ensuring confidentiality, we created an authentic and immersive narrative that effectively showcases the expertise and solutions provided by Noname

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