Auto Trader | Britain’s Biggest Matchmaker

Auto Trader | Britain’s Biggest Matchmaker

Celebrating the uniqueness of the British car buyer

Auto Trader understands that there is no stereotypical car buyer. The campaign, Britain’s Biggest Matchmaker, reflects the diversity of the British public and the wide range of cars available from Auto Trader. 

The series of TVCs aims to increase brand visibility and help position Auto Trader as a forward thinking, relatable brand.

Each advert tells the story of different characters and their car buying experience. They are all built upon a rug pull moment which challenges the audience’s perception. It seems as though the characters are thinking about something else and then they realise it’s a car.

The viewer is taken on a journey through the home of the car buyer. The camera then settles on the buyer’s face to show their relief as we hear that they have found what they were looking for on Auto Trader. The adverts were shot in a single take, this unique technique ensures the adverts stand out during the TV ad breaks.

Jennifer Saunders brings comic timing and a gravitas that connects with the concept. The immediate recognisability of Jennifer’s voice catches the viewer’s attention and unites the audience in a sense of iconic Britishness.