Radio ad production

Radio ad production

Radio provides reach, with nearly 37m listeners every week!

Why a radio ad?

Radio allows advertisers to speak to listeners at key activity moments across the day – during the school run, food preparation, commuting or relaxing at home. Radio ad production can form a key part of any marketing campaign directly reaching multiple audiences.

Benefits of radio advertising?

  • When included in the mix, radio advertising significantly increases the effects of brand communication over TV advertising alone
  • Radio ad production has relatively low production costs when compared to other mediums
  • 75% of all audio listening comes from live radio
  • £7.70 revenue ROI for every pound spent on radio advertising – second only to TV overall
  • 4x more cost-effective at stimulating brand browsing online than other media combined
  • Radio, along with TV advertising, are the most trusted medium
  • Enables targeting of listeners at key activity moments across the day
  • 14% of the media day is spent listening to radio (IPA Touchpoints)
  • People are twice as happy when listening to the radio!
“Radio is listened to by more people than ever and it is the second biggest medium in people’s lives after TV.”
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Why choose Omni Productions?

We produce meaningful work that’s engaging, impactful and ultimately drives results – whatever the medium!

Omni Productions can manage concept, casting and VO recording through to mastering and broadcast clearance. Our well-proven production workflow means we keep creativity flowing, whilst ensuring that budgets work harder and production runs like clockwork!

We’ve been fortunate enough to work with some great clients on radio ads for their content marketing campaigns. Our clients include: Auto Trader, RSPB and Wiltshire Farm Foods. Whether you are new to radio ad production or want to use radio better, Omni Productions can help your brand tap into this incredible advertising medium.

If you would like to discuss how we could help you produce everything from a single radio ad to a wider content campaign, including DRTV, Cinema advertising or TV commercials, please feel free to drop us a line.