Educational resource videos

Educational resource videos

Powerful educational video resources that educate, support and inspire positive change

What are educational resource videos?

Omni Productions specialise in the production of emotionally sensitive short drama films for use as training resources in education for public sector, healthcare, police and charities. The films work hard to stimulate debate around various key issues that are highlighted throughout the films.

Why educational resource videos?

  • Emotionally connect with your audience
  • Stimulate debate for follow up training sessions
  • Create a more engaging, sensory experience for the viewer
  • Increase knowledge retention using film
  • Promote remote learning
  • Reference the film in supporting materials
  • Provides a catalyst for improved workplace policies and procedures
“It is a vital resource for trainers and practitioners to use to raise the issue of coercive control and abuse. I believe this will be a mainstay of DV training for many years to come.”
Dr Emma WIlliamson, Head of the Centre for Gender and Violence ResearchUniversity of Bristol
“As a survivor of domestic violence I thought the film was so perfectly written and acted. It was like you were telling my story, so true to what happens in an abusive relationship.”
A survivorLeaving

Why choose Omni Productions?

We produce meaningful work that’s engaging, impactful and ultimately drives results.

Omni Productions manage all production services end-to-end and our well proven production workflows mean we keep creativity flowing, whilst ensuring that budgets work harder and production runs like clockwork!

If you would like to discuss how we could help you produce an emotive and engaging educational video resource, please feel free to drop us a line.