10 successful ways businesses can use film and video

Exploring film and video for businesses

Here we briefly highlight some of the most successful types of video for businesses, corporate and commercial clients as well as sharing our top tips.

Online ads and promos

The easiest way to promote your latest product, service or offer is with an online ad or promo video. These can be as high-spec as any TV ad or low-key and budget friendly if you prefer, but either way it’s a great resource to attract customers and boost sales.

Top tip: Tie in your online ad with a competition or special offer to encourage conversion.

Animated Infographics

If you find that your product, service or brand message is particularly complicated you might want to consider using animation in the form of motion graphics to help take your audience through your message in easy to digest step-by-step animated infographics.

Top tip: Pin down your budget ahead of time. There are so many possibilities when working with animation and it’s important to approach the creative development stage with a ballpark budget in mind.

Social videos

Bitesize videos that are digestible, sharable and fun. Social videos are a great way of bringing life to your brand and boosting online presence. Plus there’s plenty of platforms to choose from; Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram to name just a few. Viewers love to share and like videos, so with a cool concept or an interesting and brave idea there’s even the chance of going viral!

Top tip: Videos for social media sharing should aim to be around 15 – 30 seconds long.

Product demonstrations

Simple yet effective, they show your existing and potential new customers all your features and benefits. And with research at Google finding searches related to “how to” on YouTube are increasing 70% year-on-year, the popularity of these videos is evident (source: Think with Google).

Top tip: Tie it in with a PR campaign to help seed it to a wider audience.

360 VR Videos

With higher broadband speeds and wifi being more accessible than ever before, virtual reality (VR) as a way of viewing video content is now a business must have. Imagine your audience experiencing your business or product immersively from anywhere in the world and what effect that can have.

Top tip: HTC Vive, Google Daydream View, Samsung Gear VR and Google Google Cardboard are some of the key publicly accessible hardware championing VR on smartphones.

Brand films

Celebrate your company and raise awareness with a film that accurately represents what your business is about and the ethos behind it. Brand films can re-establish your place in the market, inspire your audience and rejuvenate your brand.

Top tip: An important, but fun, part of the process is ensuring all the elements of filmmaking are tailored to suit your brand appearance and personality.

Internal communication

Share key or changing policy information, or just celebrate your staff and motivate the team with an internal film. Film is an effective tool for showcasing how the business works and welcoming newcomers to the company as well as reiterating information to existing employees. It can boost team morale and keep your employees up to date with the latest practices and procedures.

Top tip: Ask your staff to feature in the film, even if only in the background, as it increases authenticity and post-launch engagement.


Films keep audiences engaged and are more effective, memorable and interesting than traditional training techniques. Gone are the days of awkward re-enactments and poorly scripted training videos; todays training videos are have high production values and captivating content. And they don’t have to be your standard instructional guide, instead they can be short scripted dramas that making a lasting impression on audiences.

Top tip: Consider providing an illustrated script which breaks down the scenes and key messages within in them.

Behind the scenes

Now more than ever, consumers want to know about where their products come from and how they came to be. Whether that’s the technology and engineering behind the latest vacuum or the ethical farm where organic ingredients are sourced; we like to know that the things we buy are high-quality and cruelty-free. A behind the scenes film showing the hard work behind your latest product, or the lengths your company goes to be ethical, can help clinch a sale for today’s conscientious customer.

Top tip: Don’t be afraid to include early designs or prototypes of your product; it shows progress and how far you’ve come.

Recruitment films for HR

Find new talent and promote your latest job opportunities. Recruitment films are a great way to share information about your latest vacancies while at the same time demonstrating your company values and what it means to be part of the business. A creative film with strong visuals can help demonstrate the company’s innovativeness and attract new talent.

Top tip: Make sure to include footage of your existing employees at work or away days, to demonstrate the efficient and welcoming working environment you’ve got in place.

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