Visual effects

Visual effects

Bring imagination to life with VFX

Visual effects (VFX) help to create the illusion of live action footage within a surrounding that is either impossible or inefficient to recreate. The most common way to create VFX is through Computer Generated Imagery (CGI).

Digital Compositing is another visual effect technique used within film to build a convincing setting. Compositing is the process of constructing several images into one environment, that otherwise couldn’t be fabricated in real life.

Do you want to travel through the eye of a needle, walk on fire, travel through time and space? From the smallest detail to a grand entrance, our experienced team can help transform your creative ideas into visual reality.

Omni Productions can create visual effects sequences at commercial broadcast level to heighten your production and realise what may seem impossible.

If you would like to discuss how visual effects could bring your campaign to life please feel free to drop us a line.