Blue Lock | Project World Champion

TV commercial campaign for a Japanese anime game campaign

Japanese production company, Thing Media Inc. came to Omni Productions to produce a series of TV ads that had to be shot in the UK to support the launch of the Blue Lock Project World Champion Game.

The game is tied in with the mega anime success story of the same name that follows 300 young footballers in a prison-like institution called Blue Lock as we see them put through rigorous training aimed at creating “the world’s greatest striker.”

1000000Combined YouTube views
#1Downloaded mobile game in Japan

The project team secured the newly-signed Brighton and Hove Albion FC player, Kaoru Mitoma to star in the ad and we witnessed life imitating art as Mitoma went from a fresh face on the pitch to goal-scoring defenders nightmare and fan-favourite within a few months of us filming the first campaign.

Blue Lock Game Mitoma
“What a blast it has been to work with you! The production was filled with so much joy and excitement thanks to your wonderful support and professionalism. Everyone on our team felt so grateful for your hospitality and warmth, allowing us to feel at home, even when we were across the ocean so far away. The experience was so positive and memorable for each and every one of us!”
Mirei Yamagata, Global Production CoordinatorMilleon Inc. / Thing Media

Filming a TV commercial in Brighton

To maximise our time with Mitoma we had to shoot in Brighton and our first challenge was there were no studios suitable for the action-based concept for 100 miles. To counter this we had to create a studio in a local community sports hall and our next challenge was how do you work within this space to factor in lots of dribbling, tackling and shooting scenes.

The solution was to go for a low-key lighting approach that allowed the team to play with the limited footprint and geography of the space, as well as cut perfectly with the in game footage. The results are fantastic, and have gone on to be instrumental in the success of the launch of the game – currently the #1 mobile game download in Japan.

On top of this, the production team got to witness the future of premier league football!

Mitoma standing in front of goal
Blue Lock Project World Champion logo

Sustainable video production

This concept wasn’t possible without a certain amount of waste but we do what we can to balance any negative impacts from our video productions.

  • Following the shoot the astro turf was divided up with some being donated to learning facilities with sensory rooms for children who are visually impaired, and the rest going to a local Scrap Space community organisation that recycles and reuses waste
  • No glue was used to secure the astro turf to the floor
  • All football boots, socks and shin pad props were donated to a local children’s football foundation focused on those who want to play the game but can’t afford the kit
  • The goal, footballs and training markers used for VFX were gifted to the Moulsecoomb Community Leisure Centre
  • Any plastic or cardboard waste was recycled
  • All travel miles for cast, crew and staff vehicles, trains and taxis were plugged into our carbon calculator and balanced via donations made internationally through Ecologi and locally via 9Trees

They say the most sustainable video production is the one that doesn’t take place, but when they are needed to tell the story, it’s our responsibility to ensure we make our video production processes as sustainable as possible.

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