RWE | Employee value proposition films

Recruitment campaign for a global energy giant

Offshore wind energy is considered a key component of the transition to more sustainable and renewable energy sources.

At Omni, in collaboration with the creative minds at Havas People, we crafted a compelling Employee Value Proposition (EVP) video campaign for RWE Offshore, a titan in the wind energy sector. This campaign is designed to articulate the unique value RWE offers to its employees, positioning it as an ideal workplace for those passionate about making a tangible impact in the clean energy realm.

Venturing to RWE’s Danish Offshore site in Rødsand, our mission was to capture the essence of RWE’s culture, its steadfast dedication to environmental stewardship, and the unparalleled support it extends to its team members. Our campaign aimed to forge an emotional connection, spotlighting RWE’s core values and its significant contributions to the environment, whilst bringing to the forefront the inspiring stories of its employees. This initiative forms an important part of a huge recruitment campaign, underlining its Employee Value Proposition.

The brief was to produce a series of films that met the clients content requirements for the EVP campaign and we met this challenge by producing a Hero trailer, Teaser edit, Profile films of each of our RWE Heroes and theme-focused episodic content to ensure the audience got a real sense of why they should consider RWE as their next move.

The production team was made up of a mix of UK and Danish crew and we successfully delivered over 40 unique edits in various formats and languages. This meticulous approach ensured that our content reached the right candidates on the most effective platforms.

For those intrigued by the power of video storytelling in enhancing HR recruitment campaigns, please feel free to get in touch. We’ll aim to schedule a conversation with one of our in-house producers to explore how we can tailor a video campaign that resonates with your unique EVP and recruitment goals.

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