Ella's Kitchen | Yum Yummy Cookies

Ella's Kitchen | Yum Yummy Cookies

Bringing this well-known brand's key ingredients to life

Ella’s Kitchen needed a new brand film for the launch of the latest innovation within their Yum Yummy Cookies range. The film needed to show the benefits of the new design, now individually packaged, easier to open and hold for little fingers.

The film captures the simplicity and charm of this well-loved brand. It communicates their desire to innovate and continually improve products from their customers. The film was used as part of an online campaign to promote the product range.

The film was made from a combination of simple stop frame animation and basic 2D After Effects. The products key ingredients, ginger, apple, vanilla and milk were brought to life in a fun, playful way.

“We have used Omni Productions on a wide range of projects and have been amazed with not only how quickly they understood our culture and vision, which is really important to us, but how they understood not just what we want to achieve, but the way we want to achieve our goals.”
Head of Ella’s Kitchen EuropeElla’s Kitchen