UKRI | Better Connected

UKRI | Better Connected

An internal communications film for change management

UKRI required an animation to support internal communications and raise awareness of the ‘Reforming our Business’ portfolio and its role in delivering the vision and mission of UKRI.

The project kicked off with requirements gathering through interviews with key stakeholders from various departments and councils. These interviews captured the authentic voices and experiences of the UKRI team and informed a script that met the core communications and engagement objectives.

The film had to be interesting and exciting to engage the audience in the new ways of working, systems and processes as they are developed and rolled out. It was key to explore the challenges faced during the organisational transformation and show how through collaboration, solutions can be found.

It was critical that the treatment communicated the importance of collaboration, a commitment to improvement and showed progress. The treatment reflects ideas flowing in to UKRI and how they are shaped and nurtured to become solutions that have a positive impact on the world.

Omni Productions worked with UKRI on all elements of the film, including creative concept and development, storyboarding, animation, voice over direction and recording, sound design and music.

The film is hosted on an internal platform as well as used at events as an introduction film.