5 Types of Videos to Help Boost Your Business

5 Types of Videos to Help Boost Your Business

For businesses looking to boost engagement and up conversion rates, fewer strategies are more effective than producing quality video content. A well-executed video not only increases your visibility and attracts more potential customers into your orbit, but it also improves your positioning as a brand. Here, we’ll go through the most effective types of video content you can use to successfully bolster your user engagement and grow your business.

The Necessity of Video Content for Modern Businesses

In today’s marketing landscape, video content is an absolute necessity. If you want to keep up with the high-speed attention span of the modern user, engaging media is a must. This is what’s continued to push video as the dominant modern marketing tool – the spread of social media and the continuous accessibility of online content means businesses can leverage content across an array of channels in a way that wasn’t possible before, enabling reach across a more diverse audience and infinitely extending engagement and interaction.

Social media, websites, TV, email marketing, online ads – there are a plethora of platforms at your fingertips. Untapped markets can be reached with ease, and content can even be uniquely tailored towards any particular audience.

Whereas short-form digital content, such as Instagram and TikTok videos, are better catered to businesses wishing to attract a younger demographic, the power of TV commercials and brand stories should not be underestimated, leveraging engagement from a vast audience.

This is why it’s crucial to understand exactly where your customers are spending their digital time – this is what’s going to allow you to tailor your videos to maximise engagement.

The Power of Well-Made Video

Quality videos are powerhouse tools – beyond cementing your business with memorable brand positioning, they work to establish and communicate your values, message, and identity, with consistent content helping to maintain a strong online presence that your audience can interact with on an ongoing basis, keeping your brand consistently fresh in their minds.

Video content is also an extremely effective way of demonstrating a product or service, and passing information onto potential customers in an engaging way. By showcasing what your business is all about through a fun, consumable format, prior to the consumer parting with any payment, your sales conversions will soar – people are looking to be persuaded in a way that’s not overly pushy. Videos feed into this, expanding your audience and reach through shareable content that can be passed around various demographics.

5 Types of Video to Boost Your Business

Here are five video advertising examples to explore in your marketing strategy:

TV Commercials

Advertising on TV has been a staple of the marketing world since the dawn of television. High-impact, broadcast-quality TV commercials offer wide reach, high credibility, and strong brand recall. TV gives businesses the opportunity to connect with a more diverse pool of potential customers, enhancing both visibility and trustworthiness.

Our musical TV advert for Wiltshire Farm Foods ‘Bring Me Sunshine’ campaign is an excellent example of a commercial increasing brand awareness, created as a means of engaging both existing and target audiences with an approach that authentically communicated the brand’s core values.

HR & Recruitment

These are business videos that provide viewers with a distinctive insight into a business’ culture in order to attract top talent, showcasing the particular values that make that brand unique. They humanise a brand, highlighting employee experiences and the benefits of working with that company.

Acting as an alluring glimpse into the intricacies of an organisation, they draw in candidates that align with that brand’s particular ethos. Our employee value proposition videos for General Mills aimed to do just that, successfully communicating the rich company culture and conveying their dedication and values through heartfelt employee stories.

Brand Stories

These are videos entirely driven by narrative, communicating the story of a brand by delving into its history, values, and mission – what makes the business unique, and sets it apart from the competition. Brand stories boost engagement by building a connection with the audience and carving out an individual identity for an organisation in the marketplace.

For example, our promotional videos for Invisalign’s social channels were created to highlight their profoundly innovative work, showcasing a more personal side of the brand through heartfelt customer success stories and working to foster a deeper connection with their target viewers.


From motion graphics to explainer videos, animated content is customised specifically to convey the message of a brand through simplifying complex information into a fun, digestible format.

They are highly versatile, conveying concepts that would otherwise be challenging to capture with live-action footage, as was the case with our work with the Institute of Coding’s Anniversary Celebration content. By using an eye-catching animated format, we were able to successfully convey the brand’s highlights in a way that commemorated their achievements. This was subsequently shared across all their social platforms in order to raise awareness.


Customer testimonial videos give brands the chance to showcase their happy clients and share positive customer experiences. They build trust on a more personal level, with authentic social proof that goes beyond the standard sales pitch of a business.

Testimonials massively enhance credibility, making your brand more appealing through its reliability. For instance, our series of testimonials for Noname Security were created to effectively highlight their success with client satisfaction, reinforcing the brand’s expertise and positioning them as a trustworthy source in their field.

Repurposing Video Content

Now that you’re more familiar with video marketing examples, you can start to consider repurposing videos to be adapted across multiple platforms. For example, a single video embedded on your website can be cut down and edited into various snippets to post on your social platforms, or added into your email campaigns for added engagement.

Not only does this approach massively enhance your ROI, but it also works to create more holistic branding. A cohesive multi-platform video strategy reinforces your message as a business, allowing for a unified image that infinitely improves the user experience. Save time, maximise your resources, and boost the impact of your video content, all with the simple strategy of repurposing.

Quality video content is the cornerstone of a successful business strategy, positioning your brand in the market, driving your sales, maintaining your online presence as a business, and ultimately expanding your reach by engaging a more diverse audience.

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