Video Production Costs And Considerations

Video Production Costs And Considerations

From the silver screen to smartphones, nothing captures the imagination like the medium of film.

Done right, it holds the power to transport viewers through time and space, reimagining the familiar and confronting the absurd. Whether you’re looking to shed light on stories previously untold, or engage viewers with lighthearted content, well made video exists as the most powerful way for businesses to connect with audiences.

That said, nothing great comes easy, nor free. As with any professional creative endeavour, there are numerous costs associated with the creation of high-end video content. As such, setting realistic budgets is essential, taking into account each and every stage of the production process and acknowledging the value of those involved.

From script writing to VFX, here’s our guide to production pricing.

The Value of High-Quality Video Production

If you’re reading this blog, it’s likely that you’re well aware of the multitude of benefits associated with the production of video. If so, feel free to jump to the next section. For those on the fence however, let us break it down for you.

The essence of a well-produced video lies in its ability to tell a compelling story, evoke emotions, and prompt action. From TV commercials and educational materials to animated films and talking head testimonials, a great film is a vessel, via which personality, ethos, value and information are all communicated.

Whether you’re looking to increase brand awareness, drive sales, disseminate knowledge or foster customer loyalty, the power of a professionally-executed video should not be underestimated.

The Variables Of Video Production

At risk of stating the painfully obvious, it’s worth clarifying no two video productions are quite the same. There are a multitude of moving parts involved in any shoot, with the overall cost of the project existing as an accumulation of these variables.

These include, but are no means limited to:

  • The type of video (TV Commercial, Recruitment Vid, DRTV Ad, Charity Vid, Animation, Educational Drama, Talking Head Testimonial, Brand Vid etc.)
  • Duration of film.
  • Scale of production.
  • Creative requirements and support.
  • Location (studio, office, hired location, external.)
  • Talent (actors, voice overs, interviewers etc.)

Creative Requirements

As mentioned above, the creative requirements of your production will greatly affect the overall cost. That said, the extent to which you require assistance with concept development, storyboarding and scriptwriting will vary greatly depending on the specific nature of the project.

Take a talking head testimonial video, for example. While this may not require a script, in the traditional sense, it would require structured, predetermined questions. In this instance, the costs of a full script writing service would not apply.

Likewise, the costs associated with the creative development of a brand video or TV commercial will vary depending on whether it needs script work, storyboarding or animatics. Should a voice over (VO) be required, the cost of artists, audio engineers and directors should also be considered.

If, on the other hand, a concept is signed off, a video production agency will be in a better place to start the pre-production phase.

Here at Omni Productions, we approach every project on a case-by-case basis. This bespoke approach not only ensures exceptional results, but allows us to be more transparent with costs.

Video Production Budgets And Cost

While there is no one-size-fits all solution to production costs, understanding what is feasible within a given budget is essential.

Below, we’ve provided a general breakdown of budgets and the projects typically associated with each.


£1,000 – £5,000

Limited budgets such as this lend themselves to simple projects, such as short radio ads, basic 2D graphic animations and post-production projects such as stock footage films.

Whilst there is no reason why a smaller budget can’t lead to powerful outcomes, expectation management is crucial; with these constraints, the focus typically shifts towards projects that can be realised without the need for extensive resources.


£5,001 – £10,000

Allocated appropriately, budgets between £5,000 – £10,000 are ideal for straightforward projects like talking head interviews, as these do not require complex logistical arrangements or extensive post-production work.

Typically, a budget within this range will cover the cost of a small production team (Producer/Director, Camera and Sound), single location, editing, and delivery.


£10,001 – £20,000

A budget of £10,000 or more opens up opportunities for more ambitious and complex productions. For example, it becomes feasible to conduct shoots at multiple locations, allowing for a more diverse visual narrative and enabling the video to capture different settings that enrich the storytelling.

Additionally, this budget range supports the inclusion of basic graphics or animation, which can play a crucial role in complementing and elevating the narrative. This is particularly useful for educational content, explainer videos, or promotional materials where conveying information effectively is key.


£20,001 – £50,000

A budget between £20,000 and £50,000 is suited for more sophisticated and demanding video production projects, such as more complex brand films or regional television commercials, which necessitate a comprehensive and creative approach to storytelling, branding, and audience engagement.

A budget within this region would typically include scripting, art direction, larger crews on APA rates, and multiple shoot days on location or in a studio.


£50,001 – £90,000

This mid-range budget provides substantial scope for the production of multiple high-end brand films or relatively straightforward television commercial concepts.

It allows for the engagement of more specific crew such as art department, set builders, and grip and lighting teams etc to enable the use of more specialist equipment as concepts become more sophisticated.


£90,001 – £200,000

This budget range allows for the production of brand-centric television commercials with multiple deliverables. It supports extensive shoot days and a comprehensive approach to production, covering everything from pre-production research and planning to advanced post-production techniques like complex VFX or the scope to work with external colourists. This higher budget would include the management of more complicated transmission delivery requirements for broadcast, as well as multiple social cut-down edits.


£200,000 +

This budget accommodates highly complex shoots over several days and locations, with the potential inclusion of CGI and visual effects. It’s suited for ambitious projects demanding intricate logistics, cutting-edge technology, and a team of top-tier industry professionals to bring visionary ideas to life with unparalleled quality and creativity.

Making The Most Of Production Budgets

At Omni Productions, we’re not just about making videos; we’re about crafting stories that resonate. Our transparent approach to budgeting ensures you get precisely what you need, without excess; if your vision can be realised for less, we’ll be the first to let you know.

To help us better understand client requirements, we’ve developed an easy-to-use project planner, breaking down the process by service, audience, format, budget and more. Here you can provide our team with the details of your video project, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Alternatively, feel free to get in touch via our site or by phone; we’d be more than happy to discuss your requirements.

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