FRANK Water | Sangita’s Story

FRANK Water | Sangita’s Story

A charity film telling the story of how safe water transformed one girl's life

FRANK Water wanted to communicate the impact of access to clean water and sanitation on women in rural communities in India. Across the world, women and girls spend up to six hours a day collecting water. The brief was clear, to produce an emotive piece that avoided cliches and was respectful of the community FRANK Water work with.

The aim was to tell a story that required no dialogue, a film that helps capture both life before and after the community has access to clean water and sanitation, and demonstrate the knock on effect this has on freeing up girls to be able go to school.

The film shows the contrast of a young girl’s life with and without access to clean water and sanitation.

As well as capturing an intimate portrait of an individual, the film had to reflect the wider issues of gender inequality and the consequences of lack of water.

The film is a call to action, things can change if charities like FRANK Water are able to keep developing local partnerships and water projects.

The film was used across multiple channels, driving engagement on social media and living on FRANK Water’s website as their main charity film.

“We’ve loved working with the Omni team on FRANK Water’s biggest film project to date. From concept to delivery, they’ve been positive, enthusiastic, considered and communicative. The shoot was a joy – pure professionalism but never heavy handed.”
Communications ManagerFrank Water