Cinema advertising

Cinema advertising

Reach your target audience through careful ad placement

What is cinema advertising?

Cinema advertising involves screening your advert before a movie showing at either a multiplex or a single screen theatre. Cinema advertising has been a popular and effective choice for marketers since the vitascope showcased its very first motion picture. Technology has come a long way since then, but what remains is the power to reach a vast amount of diverse audiences both regionally and nationally.

Why advertise in cinema?

  • Deliver your message to a captive audience
  • You are not reliant on great frequency to have effect
  • Your ad can be associated to specific movie styles that match your target audience
  • Take advantage of immersive cinema experience with Dolby sound, and cinematic visual styles

Cinema advertising has a high engagement score, and the lowest ad avoidance score due to it being a captive audience focused on an immersive filmic experience. It can also be used effectively as part of a broader marketing campaign that involves other formats such as TV commercials, radio ads and social media.

“It’s been a blast, from concept to the spectacular filming days and endless giggles. We are incredibly grateful to everyone who helped make this film happen.”
“They are not only a pleasure to work alongside but they are also the most talented group of individuals in their field that I have had the pleasure to work with.”

Why choose Omni Productions?

We produce meaningful work that’s engaging, impactful and ultimately drives results – whatever the medium!

Omni Productions can manage concept, casting and VO recording through to mastering and clearance. Our well-proven production workflows means we can keep creativity flowing, whilst ensuring that budgets work harder, and production runs like clockwork.

We’d love to discuss how we could help produce a commercial for cinema advertising as part of your marketing strategy, please feel free to drop us a line.