Charity video production

Charity video production

Capturing your charity's mission

Why a charity video?

Film engenders a closeness and transparency to what you’re doing more than any other medium. People can see with their own eyes what it is you do – you can show you are genuine, who you’ve helped and where the money goes.

Benefits of charity film?

With charities relying on financial donations from the public, trust is absolutely essential for survival. A charity video will help:

  • Capture the hearts and minds of your audience
  • Communicate a powerful story
  • Raise awareness of an important issue
  • Build a strong connection with your audience
  • Increase your fundraising
  • Advertise a call to action
“We’ve loved working with the Omni team on FRANK Water’s biggest film project to date. From concept to delivery, they’ve been positive, enthusiastic, considered and communicative. The shoot was a joy – pure professionalism but never heavy handed.”

As well as raising awareness and fundraising, video marketing provides an opportunity to educate your audience on the importance of your cause, the need for support and your work’s impact. It’s a chance to engage both the intellect and emotions of your audience by providing them with information about your organisation’s mission.

We have been fortunate enough to produce charity films for several of the UK’s leading charities,  including, Frank Water, Barnados and the RSPB.

“We knew we had the right director and production team on board. The authenticity of their style shone through, which precisely met the brief.”
485kPeople took part
7.8mBritish birds counted for RSPB

Why choose Omni Productions?

We produce meaningful work that’s engaging, impactful and ultimately drives results.

We manage all production services end-to-end, and our well proven production workflow means we can keep creativity flowing, whilst ensuring that budgets work harder, and production runs like clockwork!

If you would like to discuss how we could help you produce a charity video or video for a not for profit, please feel free to drop us a line.